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Wolf King - a 3d platformer. Play here: http://mcfunkypants.com/king/

Made by @mcfunkypants @sir_carma @fasterthanlime for Ludum Dare 33

Welcome to a beautiful world in the skies. This is the world of our imagination, where you play as a peaceful shepherd tending your flock. You live in a small cabin among floating castle ruins in the sky. Explore the world, collect gold, find checkpoints, and have fun for no reason. This is a first playable MVP, not the finished game.

FULL GAMEPAD SUPPORT (or mouse+wasd).


You are a king who became a NECROMANCER. In discovering the secret to everlasting life, you were faced with a heavy burden: to stay alive you need to harvest the lives of the innocent. Instead of becoming a bloodthirsty monster, friendless and feared by all, you took the higher road.

Using your magic powers, you sequestered yourself from normal society and build a land where the souls of wild sheep could be harvested without resorting to killing them yourself. By putting lush fields high atop the clouds, and allowing a natural predator, a wolf, the roam the landscape, you were able to keep yourself alive while allowing your "victims" to live in peace, like any wild animal.

1000 years have passed, and the loneliness of your altruistic decision has taken its toll. The time has come to dismantle this utopia by collecting the golden soul crystals. Can you collect them all and bring your kingdom back down to earth?


There is no level two. Yet. We have a partially finished "snow zone" and "boss battle" that will be added in a post-jam release version. They explain the plot and provide a quest. Please consider this weekend-long jam edition to be the "vertical slice" demo of an upcoming game.

If you like what you see here, please let us know. If you think a full game that uses this engine and art style is something you'd like to see on steam, please let us know! It will fire up our motivation!


You could say that with this game I'm "standing on the shoulders of giants". I could never have made this game in one weekend from scratch all by myself.

I am nothing without my art team.

Amos (@fasterthanlime) has composed some of the most beautiful and inspiring music I've ever heard in a game jam, and the adventuresome, light and sunny vibe of the music is what inspired me to make a game much like Super Mario Galaxy, Ratchet and Clank, or the LEGO games by Traveler's Tales.

Amos just released the ALBUM: https://amos.me/blog/2015/andfall/

Antoine (@sir_carma) was both prolific, motivated, and incredibly flexible, and took my ugly sketches and turned them into a magnificent voxel universe full of wonder.

You can enjoy much more Antoine's art at: http://imgur.com/gallery/3dOfh

What an incredible experience the last few days have been. I am deeply indebted to my team, and I'm so grateful to have worked alongside them on this exiting project. Together we all pushed each other to become greater than the sum of our parts.

I'm so proud of what we made. I love Ludum Dare.


Christer Kaitila



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